My Internet Speed–before and after BT Infinity Install


BT Infinity has now reached deepest darkest Wiltshire…

What a difference a day makes


Before…… Booooo  (Slower than 87% of Great Britain)



After…… Hoooorah (Faster than 89% of GB)


Highly recommended if, like me you live in Sticksville with no option of cable speeds

Skydrive and Office–in Education


Great Demo of how Skydrive and Office make collaboration easy for Students.

Windows Phone InfoGraphic–showing yearly momentum


Windows Phone InfoGraphic

Two Ronnies–My blackberry is not working

Again old but good Smile

Gmail Man–funny video


Old but good….

Windows InTune – Managing your IT Infrastructure from the cloud


Windows InTune is a management and security solution – which allows you to manage your on premise IT infrastructure from the cloud.

We have an upcoming 1hr webcast which you can register for here where we will demo the solution – and give you chance to get all your questions answered.


But in a nutshell this is what it can do……..

  • It allows you manage a single or multiple organisations from a single console
  • Manage machines outside of the network / Domain
  • Asset Management – track hardware and software inventory
  • Help protect PCs from malware – With Windows InTune EndPoint Protection
  • Deploy Software
  • Centrally manage deployment of software updates and service packs
  • Proactively monitor PCs.
  • Set security policies centrally
  • Take advantage of Windows 7 Enterprise security as part of subscription
  • Gain better control of remote PCs.
  • Provide remote assistance.
  • Increase insight with reporting.
  • Manage your licenses.
  • Remotely assist your users to resolve pressing PC issues—regardless of where you or your users are located.

Nokia Lumia Live Event London–with Deadmau5


This is marketing done right – Well Done Nokia


Fun Kinect Painting in the Classroom


With the free Kinect Paint 1.1 download pupils can now “be the paintbrush” as well as “the controller”

Masterpieces can be created with a variety of pens and brushes, colours and line styles

Download today and let the creativity begin



Consumerisation of IT in Education


I have just finished a whitepaper entitled “Embracing Consumerisation of IT in Education”

In which I explore both the benefits and challenges that embracing this world of Bring Your Own Device gives to Education Institutions and how various Microsoft technologies can help.

Be great to hear any comments Smile


Consumerisation of IT

Partners in Learning Forum UK 2011


The 8th Microsoft UK Partners in Learning Forum is a one-day conference, free of charge to all teachers and educators who wish to attend. The workshops and keynotes this year have a STEM ‘flavour’ and address the theme of ‘Teach more, learn more, inspire more.’

This year the Forum is being held at the Microsoft Headquarters, Thames Valley Park in Reading on the 24th Nov 2011.


We have a rich agenda that includes as Keynote speakers, the world renowned Ian Livingstone OBE, Life President of Eidos , Alex Bellos, the author of the popular science book Alex’s Adventures in Numberland and Ollie Bray, the National Adviser for Emerging Technologies at Education Scotland

In addition, delegates will be able to choose from a range of workshops. I would suggest that you sign up as soon as possible as places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

· Bringing classrooms together with Skype


In this interactive workshop, Jacqueline Botterill, head of social good for Skype, will explain and demonstrate how over 17,500 educators from over 170 countries are already using the free online community to connect with each other.

Using the Kinect SDK/Kodu in the classroom

clip_image005Classroom Teachers Ray Chambers from Lodge Park Technology College & Nicki Maddams from Hartsdown College, give hands-on practical guidance on how to programme and create games in the classroom

clip_image007Everyone is a Maths genius, can computer science/technology prove it?

Dr Chris Imafidon is one of the “World’s foremost scholars on leveraging informatics for learning and exceptional achievement. This workshop will discuss how computer science/technology exposed the myths of natural Intelligence, genes, gender, IQ, age, background, post-code.

Computing: The Science of Nearly Everything?

clip_image008Dr Tom Crick, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC), looks at the big question: How are we developing and encouraging the next generation of technology innovators in the UK?

clip_image009Be a Maker: learn to build gadgets with .NET Gadgeteer

Dr Scarlet Schwiderski-Grosche from Microsoft Research.Do you like computer gadgets? Would you like to learn how to build and program gadgets to your own design? Then this workshop is for you!

Medicines and innovation – the missing link

clip_image010Kandarp Thakkar – STEM Ambassador Programme – This workshop will introduce the STEM programme and give some ‘real-life’ case studies of successful use of this programme in delivering high quality university admissions.

clip_image011Guerrilla Teaching & Learning

Daniel Raven-Ellison is a guerrilla educator, co-founder of The Geography Collective and creative director of Mission:Explore. Join this workshop to receive initial training in how to be a guerrilla teacher and learner.

Who’s afraid of the big bad ‘network’

clip_image012Dan Roberts from community school, presents light-hearted perspective and interactive & engaging discussion which considers the challenges & issues of schools using social networking, how these can be overcome?

Also, find out who are the recipients of this year’s Microsoft UK Partners in Learning Teacher Awards.The awards will be presented to Teachers who have submitted projects that illustrate the innovative use of technology to enhance teaching and learning. Not only will they receive award recognition, but have the chance to be invited to the next Partners in Learning Forum and win a Xbox 360 and Kinect package for their school. These projects will be on display at the event.

Don’t miss out, register today – Registration now open